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TSQL: What DOW did the first Fourth of July occur on?

This post is to offer you some insight on my first experience with calculating the DOW (day of the week)  a certain date occurs on. My experience in this subject dates back to 1980 when I was studying Engineering in … Continue reading

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Talisma: Reading an eml file to obtain track able URL information

When sending campaigns from Talisma it is important to allow recipients the ability to OPT out of receiving any more correspondence. Failure to do so can cause your email alias to get blacklisted and require IT to contact the carrier … Continue reading

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General Announcement: New Talisma Technical Users Group now exists!

If your job revolves around supporting Talisma CRM please join the newly formed Talisma Technical Users Group. The mission of this site is not to replace the linked-in group, but offer a forum to share on a little more technical … Continue reading

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Talisma: WCF client consuming WSE3 web service

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) is a framework for building service-oriented applications. Microsoft has stopped supporting WSE (Windows Supporting Enhancements) requiring the eventual rewrite of WSE services to WCF. This is no small task and three years later there are plenty … Continue reading

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