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Oracle Uptime got to love it!

Then the VM host server went down.

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Sql Server UnionAggregate to merge geofences

Over the past two years I have been learning more and more about the power of SQL Server’s  spatial functions. During this time a co-worker, and myself have developed server side geofence processes to track vehicles using GPS data. Some … Continue reading

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RMAN backup server switching your ORACLE_UNQNAME

Normally we set the ORACLE_UNQNAME setting in our bash_profile. But in my case I use the backup server to restore both production and stage backupsets for testing.  It is very easy to forget setting this environment variable. Therefore I decided … Continue reading

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Avamar 7.3 RMAN configuration

  The Avamar 7.3 for Oracle User guide is full of details on configuring RMAN and the avamar plugin. In attempting to use RMAN with the plugin I came across a few gotcha’s and this post will hopefully save others … Continue reading

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WCOMPUTE is back online.

Well I just couldn’t stay away. I’ve decided to post some of my more recent projects and issues. Hopefully we can learn together what makes us better DBA’s and as always  “DBA’s don’t fly by the seat of your pants!” … Continue reading

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